Sunday, May 13, 2007

Windows Vista (indonesia language) Coming Soon

After several times through resignation, Microsoft has finally officially launched Windows Vista, Microsoft Office and Exchange Server 2007 to customers in Indonesia.

Located at the Plenary Hall of Jakarta Convention Center, today (04/11/2007) Microsoft made a very lively launch event by inviting dozens of partners and clients.

Ari Kunwidodo, Microsot Indonesian vice president, said this newest product is already available in 70 countries with 18 different languages, and is planned to be available in 99 types of languages at the end of this year. "Special Vista, we will provide the Indonesian version in June," he said, during a press conference.

Ari explained further, it is done the company to further increase the local market because it has been given the ease in communication.

Compared to previous products, Vista is claimed to have increased capacity in some parts. In addition to security factors, changes in a more dynamic and live in Vista is considered as something unique.

As for Office 2007, the functions that were previously closed are rarely used by users are now trying to further brought out by Microsoft in the form of ribbons. The goal, according to Ari, to change the habits of the user to optimize the feature. "The function does not ogled the eye and do not try," he said.

For the price, as was reported earlier Vista will be priced manufacturer of the software giant is the same as the price of their products before, XP.

Although Microsoft just released Vista and Office 2007 in Indonesia today. However, pirated software of those products have adorned the various shopping malls in Jakarta since the beginning of the year.

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